Chrome Wheel Care Tips & Quality


1. ALWAYS keep chrome wheels clean of Brake Dust & Road Salts –> both will destroy chrome. DO not subject your chrome wheels to winter road salts.

2. Use a soft micro-fiber cloth with either mild soap & water -or- diluted windex to clean chrome wheels.

3. NEVER use any “wheel cleaners” — most have some type of abrasives which will damage chrome.

4. Treat chrome center caps with gentle care – they can scratch easily if abused with wheel cleaners or rough cloth.


1. Your automotive road wheels are cast aluminum—we strip, polish, triple chrome plate and in some cases add a clear coat to match OEM specs.

2. It is natural and common for cast aluminum to have very minor imperfections in the castings and still meet OE spec.

3. Our team takes up most care to prepare the cast surface to the best possible condition. However, we are at the mercy of that original casting and surface imperfections are not covered up by the chrome. Wheels are not like metal body parts – bondo-type body fillers cannot be used on aluminum cast wheels.

4. remember, these are ROAD WHEELS…and not Jewelry !

5. Industry Standard Inspection Method is to look at the wheels once mounted on the car from a distance of 3-5 feet.

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